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Yacht charter, rental gulets, and blue cruise voyages enable holidaymakers to experience an unforgettable maritime adventure. If you're looking to embark on an extraordinary journey, explore undiscovered coves, and enjoy a relaxing seaside vacation with our rental boats tailored to every customer group, you can consider our rental yachts and blue cruise programs.

Yacht charter and Blue cruise tours can vary according to personal preferences, needs, and interests. Since everyone seeks a different experience, yacht charter can be used for a wide range of purposes..

Vacation and Relaxation: Yacht charter is a popular choice for those who want to have a sea vacation in a luxurious and comfortable environment. Traveling in beautiful areas and seeking unique experiences can be a driving force.

Special Events: Yachts can be a perfect venue for special events. They can be rented for events like birthday parties, engagement ceremonies, weddings, or other celebrations.

Business Events and Meetings: In some cases, companies may use yachts for business events or meetings. This may aim to enhance team bonding in a different work environment or provide a unique experience to clients.

Diving and Watersports: Yachts are often used for activities like diving, snorkeling, water skiing, jet skiing, and other water sports. This can be appealing to sea enthusiasts or water sports enthusiasts.

Sightseeing and Exploration: Yacht charter can be used as a means to explore different regions and see various landscapes. Traveling in areas like islands, coves, and coastal regions can be the purpose.

Romantic Getaways: Couples may prefer yacht charter for a romantic escape. Enjoying the sea on a private yacht and spending time in a special atmosphere can provide a romantic experience.

Motor Yacht and Gulet Classes

The sea, with its infinite blue, fascinates people, offering tranquility and waiting to be explored. Those who share this passion often choose boats equipped with motor yachts and gulets, designed to surrender to the arms of the wind and waves.

Motor Yacht Charter: Symbol of Power and Luxury

Motor yachts stand out with their fast and elegant designs. These boats can reach high speeds on the water thanks to their powerful engines. Often designed with a focus on luxury and comfort, motor yachts attract attention with their spacious interiors, stylish furnishings, and high-tech equipment. Whether for family vacations or parties and events, motor yachts offer an unforgettable experience at sea.

Gulet Charter: Traditional and Stylish Sea Adventure

Gulets are traditional Turkish boats, especially popular in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. These boats are known for their wooden structure and sailing designs. Gulets usually have lengths ranging from 20 to 35 meters, with spacious and comfortable interiors. Gulets feature cabins, dining areas, and sunbathing platforms designed with guests' comfort in mind.

Catamaran Charter: Combination of Aesthetics and Functionality on the Sea

Catamarans are perfect for those seeking speed, comfort, and stability on sea journeys. These boats, consisting of two parallel hulls, stand out in the maritime world with their unique designs and many advantages. Available in both sail and motor versions, catamarans provide excellent balance at sea and offer comfortable accommodation with their spacious interiors.

Options for Motor Yacht Charter

Motor yachts come in a wide range of sizes, designs, and features. These boats generally have powerful engines, allowing them to cover long distances in a short time and often providing luxurious comfort at sea. Motor yachts are typically divided into the following classes:

Express Cruiser: These motor yachts are known for their ability to travel at high speeds and stylish designs. They usually have a single deck and are ideal for day trips or short-distance travel.

Flybridge Yachts: These yachts typically have an additional control station and outdoor seating area on an upper deck (flybridge). This provides more sunbathing and scenery enjoyment.

Trawler Yachts: Trawler yachts are known for their ability to cover longer distances at lower speeds, making them economical and long-range vessels. They offer stability and often have spacious interiors.

Megayachts and Superyachts: These motor yachts are usually over 24 meters (80 feet) in length and offer luxurious and spacious accommodation. These massive boats are typically designed for private owners or can be rented by wealthy vacationers or companies.

Sportfisherman Yachts: These motor yachts are typically designed specifically for fishing. They are equipped with large deck areas and special fishing equipment.

Explorer Yachts: These motor yachts are usually designed for long-distance travel and various weather conditions. Durability, comfort, and long range may be a priority.

Open Yachts: Open motor yachts typically have large open deck areas and are designed for more speed and performance. They have a sporty look and are often used in open waters.

Options for Gulet Charter

Gulet charter is a popular choice for blue cruise voyages along the Turkish coastline and Greek islands. Gulets can be divided into different classes based on their sizes, designs, and the segments they serve.

Standard Gulet Charter

These are modestly equipped boats typically around 20 meters in length. They have cabins and bathrooms that can meet all your needs but are not overly spacious. Standard gulets cater to almost every budget.

Luxury Gulet Charter

These boats are constructed with luxury materials and are designed to be more luxurious from the outset. With their luxury furnishings, air conditioning, and generator systems, luxury gulets offer cabins, dining areas, and bathrooms that will meet all guests' needs.

Deluxe Gulet Charter

Deluxe gulets are built from the ground up with the finest details in mind. While they can reach lengths of up to 40 meters, they have fewer cabins, providing guests with ample living space. Deluxe gulets offer all the comforts and luxury for discerning guests. Additionally, they typically have enough crew cabins and can accommodate optional hostesses to provide service.

Blue Cruise Tour Programs

Blue cruising is a special type of boat tour usually undertaken to explore beautiful bays and islands, breathe clean sea air, and relax. Holidaymakers typically join these tours with groups of friends, family, or for private events. Blue cruise tours are usually conducted using private sea vessels such as sailing boats, gulets, catamarans, or motor yachts. Blue cruise tours are commonly offered in popular holiday destinations like Turkey's Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, the Greek islands, and Italy's Amalfi Coast.

Blue cruise tours may include the following features:

Boat Charter: Groups or individuals can join blue cruise tours by renting a boat, typically for a week or longer. The chartered boats are usually gulets, motor yachts, or sailing boats.

Beautiful Bays and Islands: Blue cruise tours typically involve exploring natural beauty spots such as bays and islands. This provides opportunities for relaxing on quiet beaches, snorkeling, or participating in water sports.

Onboard Accommodation: Yachts, gulets, or motor yachts typically provide accommodation and living areas. This allows holidaymakers to have a comfortable vacation at sea.

Crew Services: Many blue cruise tours include the service of a crew on board. A captain, chef, and other deckhands cater to the guests' needs.

Private Routes and Itineraries: Blue cruise tours often include private routes and itineraries, providing participants with a unique and exclusive experience.

Traditional Cuisine: Many blue cruise tours offer menus consisting of local dishes and traditional cuisine. Chefs typically prepare delicious meals using fresh seafood and local ingredients.

Our blue cruise programs may vary depending on the destination, tour duration, and services provided during the blue cruise tour. You can explore our boat rental and blue cruise programs in detail and get support from our call center at any time of the day.


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