Yacht Charter Marmaris

Marmaris is one of Turkey's most popular holiday destinations and is also famous for its blue cruise routes. Yacht rental and blue cruise experience in Marmaris allow vacationers to have an unforgettable sea adventure. There is a wide range of options for yacht rentals in Marmaris. You can choose from personalized luxury yachts, motorboats, or traditional wooden gulets. Yacht rental enables you to fully customize your vacation. You can determine the route you desire and enjoy fun activities such as swimming or diving in the coves.

The blue cruise is a famous sea tourism activity in Turkey. It is a boat trip that starts from Marmaris and allows you to explore the beauties of the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Blue cruise routes are renowned for their turquoise waters, hidden coves, and historical ruins. The combination of Marmaris yacht rental and the blue cruise experience enables vacationers to enjoy the sea, sunbathe, and find tranquility amidst breathtaking views. Especially for groups of friends, families, or couples, the blue cruise offers an unforgettable holiday experience.

Yacht Rentals in Marmaris

Motor yacht rental options in Marmaris come in different sizes and features. Depending on your personal preferences, budget, and the size of your travel group, you can choose the one that suits you best. Economic yachts, luxury yachts, and ultra-luxury motor yachts generally provide accommodation for 2 to 30 people.

Economy Yacht Rentals in Marmaris

If you are looking for an affordable option while vacationing in Marmaris, economic yachts are ideal for you. These yachts are usually smaller in size and offer basic comfort and services. Economic yachts allow vacationers to have a pleasant time at sea with their reasonable prices. They are often preferred by families, small groups, or budget-conscious travelers.

Luxury Yacht Rentals in Marmaris

Luxury yachts are an excellent choice for those who want to take their vacation experience in Marmaris to the next level. These yachts have larger sizes and generally offer more luxury and comfort. Well-equipped cabins, spacious living areas, professional crew, and a range of entertainment facilities allow vacationers to travel in comfort. Luxury yachts are ideal for romantic getaways, private parties, or special events.

Ultra-Luxury Yacht Rentals in Marmaris

For those seeking a truly unforgettable holiday experience in Marmaris, there are ultra-luxury yachts available. These yachts have the highest quality standards and offer the most luxurious amenities. Ultra-luxury yachts have spacious and stylish designs, private spas and fitness centers, jacuzzis, water toys, and even helicopter pads. Professional crew, chefs, and service staff are on duty 24/7 to meet every need of vacationers.

Gulet Rentals in Marmaris

Gulets are an essential part of sea vacations in popular holiday destinations like Marmaris, Turkey. Marmaris is renowned for its unique turquoise waters, and gulets are an excellent choice to explore these beauties. Those who want to rent a gulet in Marmaris can choose from three different classes: economic, luxury, and ultra-luxury, depending on their budget and holiday expectations.

Economy Gulet Rentals in Marmaris

For those looking for a budget-friendly option while vacationing in Marmaris, economic gulets are ideal. These gulets are usually smaller in size and offer basic comfort features. Economic gulets, which can often be rented at more affordable prices, are ideal for exploring the coves in and around Marmaris, taking swimming breaks, and enjoying the sun. Economic gulets allow vacationers to enjoy a seaside vacation without breaking the bank.

Luxury Gulet Rentals in Marmaris

For those seeking more comfort and exclusive services, there are plenty of luxury gulet options in Marmaris. Luxury gulets generally have larger interior and exterior living spaces. Features such as spacious deck areas, stylish interior design, and modern amenities ensure that luxury gulets provide vacationers with a comfortable experience. Moreover, luxury gulets typically come with an experienced crew, and meals and other services are professionally provided. Luxury gulets are an ideal choice for those seeking an unforgettable sea vacation experience in Marmaris and its surroundings.

Ultra-Luxury Gulet Rentals in Marmaris

For those who want to take it a step further in Marmaris, ultra-luxury gulets offer top-notch service. These gulets stand out with their unique designs and luxury features such as private pools, spa areas, fitness centers, and even cinema rooms. Every detail in ultra-luxury gulets is carefully thought out to ensure vacationers' comfort and luxury. Professional crew, chefs, and service staff are on duty 24/7 to meet every need of vacationers.

Catamaran Rentals in Marmaris

Marmaris is one of Turkey's most popular tourist destinations and an ideal spot for a blue cruise experience. For those who want to travel in the crystal-clear waters of Marmaris and explore its impressive coves, renting a catamaran is a fantastic option.

Comfort and Spaciousness: Catamaran rentals in Marmaris offer a comfortable holiday experience with their spacious interior and exterior areas. Thanks to their twin-hull structure, catamarans minimize the impact of waves and provide a stable sailing experience. The interior spaces are usually designed to be spacious and modern. Features such as separate cabins, a large salon, and a fully equipped kitchen ensure guests' comfort.

Flexibility and Freedom: Exploring Marmaris stunning coves with a rented catamaran means you can adjust your travel itinerary according to your preferences. You can determine your own route, stop at your favorite coves, and spend as much time as you want. Additionally, if you wish, you can join daily tours or organize guided excursions. The catamaran offers you freedom and allows you to shape your vacation as you desire.

Discover the Unique Underwater World: Marmaris is famous for its rich underwater life and magnificent coral reefs. With a rented catamaran, you can snorkel or even experience scuba diving. In addition to sunbathing and swimming, it provides an ideal opportunity to explore the fascinating beauty of the underwater world.

Marmaris Yacht Chartering Conditions;

Yacht rentals are generally requested on a weekly basis, with the start and end being Saturdays. Our guests who do not have enough time can also request yacht rental for shorter periods outside the high season. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to yacht rental requests for less than one week during the high season, which we refer to as June, July, and August. You can get detailed information from our call center representatives.

The day the yacht is rented, the departure from the port starts at 3:00 pm, and the end of the tour is after breakfast at 10:00 am. The reason for this is that the yacht's preparation for the new tour, such as cleaning, changing bedding, and fuel and provision supply, is done after the previous customers leave the yacht, and the start and end day being Saturdays. The five-hour period from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm is sufficient for the complete cleaning of the yacht.

In yacht rentals, the weekly rental fee includes diesel, transit log, port taxes in Turkish waters, and personnel expenses. In most yachts, snorkeling, fins, water toys, fishing gear, and canoe use are free of charge.

The prices of our rental yachts vary depending on the comfort and equipment they possess. As Marmaris Yacht Chartering, we offer yacht or gulet rental opportunities suitable for every budget from 300 euros per day to 15,000 euros.

As one of the leading villas rental companies in Turkey, Dreamofholiday includes Arsis Yacht Charter company within its structure. We can guarantee that you will have an extra rewarding experience if you choose us for your possible holiday in Marmaris.

As with every coastal region in Turkey, we hope to meet you in Marmaris and its holiday resorts!

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